Astragalus extract - The "silver bullet" of anti-aging

Through a healthy lifestyle - lots of sports, balanced nutrition, minimum stress - we may slow down the shortening of the telomeres but can't stop it altogether. This has been done successfully for the first time in history through an innovative dietary supplement containing telomerase activators. The active agent of this plant-based "elixir" is a very rare natural molecule contained in tiny amounts in the root of the Mongolian plant Astragalus membranaceus, one of the 50 fundamental plants of traditional Chinese medicine. The little molecule, one of 2000 bioactive components in the root, is dehydrated and extracted in a very elaborate process. Then, in numerous steps, it is concentrated more and more, until it reaches the highest concentration of over 90 %.

The extract is taken in capsule form. It first circulates in the blood, then takes effect on the aging cells with the shortest telomeres. There, it activates the telomerase enzyme which re-lenghtens the telomeres, thus rejuvenates the cells, and helps to avoid age-based diseases in the first place. The product can only be purchased after a certified physician has been consulted. It was patented in January, 2011, and is the only telomerase activator available on the market worldwide.