Frequently asked questions

Who should take the product?

Every person from about 40 who would like to stop and reverse the decline through aging; people whose telomeres are too short according to measuring.

How safe is Astragalus extract? Are there any side effects?

Astragalus extract is produced under the highest quality standards controlled by American health authorities. It has been developed over five years and has been tested for safety on humans since 2005 before it hit the market in 2007. Ever since it has been consumed, there have not been reported any side effects by any consumer. Examining physicians were not able to state any harmful effects. No user was diagnosed with first time cancer. By the way, over half of the consumers are physicians or academics, among whom leading telomere biologists.

How much of the product do I take?

The daily amount depends on your age. People between 40 and 50 need less than older people. The exact amount is appointed by your consulting physician.

How much does the Astragalus extract cost?

As your age determines the amount you should take, it also determines the cost. A 50 year old would find him- or herself at about 240,- EUR a month, depending on the dollar exchange rate. It is usually recommended to take Astragalus extract for at least 2 to 3 years. This should be viewed as a quintessential purchase, just like when you buy a comfortable car or precious antiques - it is an invaluable investment into physical well-being, a prolonged life span, and the rejuvenation of our cells. The price is a result of the highly elaborate production process, in which several tons of the roots are processed to obtain a small amount of the pure dietary supplement.

Won't such a product lead to overpopulation?

People are constantly getting older than they used to, thanks to increasing medical and hygiene standards. However, population growth is actually regulating itself in a natural way because paradoxically, birth rates decrease once a certain point of population density is reached. Whenever resources start getting too scarce to feed everybody, costs will increase. This, in return, makes family sizes shrink again.

Is it ethically correct to interfere with the process of aging?

Any medical treatment or action is interfering with human processes. A vaccination may prolong life by avoiding that we die prematurely of an epidemic or a disease. Seen this way, it would be inethical to take any medicine, healing herbs, dietary supplements, or nutritional food, since all of this has an influence on us. Delaying aging is only one more element in human pursuit of health and physical well-being.

Putting aside theoretical discussion, what actually is the safety data for people who take Astragalus extract?

Since Astragalus extract was commercialized in 2007, hundreds of people with an average age of 63 have been taking it. As of June 2010 this amounted to over 260 person-years of taking Astragalus extract. Among these clients, no new cases of cancer or cardiovascular disease have been reported and for those who already had cancer, none have reported an increase in cancer load. This is statistically significant (p<0.05, cancer; p<0.02, CVD).